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How To Sell Your Products Faster As A Marketer

Marketing of Products occurs in all level of Business, Some Product can be Marketed Online or Offline.

What is Marketing?

Marketing involves all the activities relating to the flow of goods and services from the producer (Manufacturer/Entrepreneur) to the final consumers.

Importance of Marketing

  1. Transport activities like vehicles and good roads are provided.
  2. Links Entrepreneurs (Producers) and consumers together.
  3. Creates employment for the agent involved in Marketing activities.
  4. The Exportation of agricultural products abroad provides foreign exchange to the government and country.
  5. The sales of manufactured products can provide money or income to the Entrepreneur.
  6. Products manufactured can be regularly received by the consumers throughout the year through marketing.
  7. Research activities can be carried out so as to determine consumers' preference for particular goods.
  8. Through marketing the price for the various goods and services are determined.
  9. The demand for particular goods and services enable the producers to know consumers' tastes and preferences.
  10. Marketing can also bridge the gap between where there is an excess to where there is a shortage by linking the surplus to the shortages.

How To Market Your Business Products

Marketing Process or Activities

These are the activities that the producer must do to the products before they are available for sale without which consumers may not value the product as supposed. These marketing processes include;
  • Packaging of goods.
  • Naming.
  • Labeling.
  • Branding of goods in case of substitutes.
  • Advertising in order to create awareness to the potential consumers/buyers.
  • Processing into the Finished State.
  • Distribution to the various outlets.
  • Pricing or fixing of prices on the goods and services.
  • Transportation.
  • Storage.

Quick Reminder: Not until Products Produce are Distributed and Consumed by the Final consumers, Production is not yet Completed.

Marketing Agents

Here are the agent in Marketing that can boost sales in your Business.
The goods must pass through these processes before getting to the final consumers. They include the following;

Marketing/Commodity boards
Co-Operative Society
Private middlemen (optional)

From Retailers ,then to the Final consumers.
Advertising is very important in Marketing.

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