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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Why Your Blog is not Making You the Money You Want

Blog do not make money because it is not a making money system, but the right approach to blogging generate income. Now let us look at why your Blog is not yet making you the money you want.

Do You Blog For Money or is it your Passion Blogging 

It is very possible to blog and do not get a penny or a single cent blogging, it is because you are not selling anything or promoting any product or service. Even though you are promoting products and selling things on your blog you can still not make a full time income from it and might even been blocked by the affiliate or advertising company you are promoting. Do you know how frustrating I was when I started blogging in 2016, when I was browsing on how to make money online and I came across several blogs telling me to start a blog and I just started blogging in a hurry and do not know some or all the skills and principles of blogging. I manage to reach six month of blogging and base on my Idea of blogging of blogging after six month I will be approved by Adsense and started making money and I was even told about people who make full time income blogging and are making millions, but unfortunately after I applied for Adsense I got disapproved due to some setting reasons. I was so confused and wanted to quit blogging. 
I left blogging for a month and on the vacation of it I was still making research on how to blog, how to make money blogging and how to get high traffic on my post. I came to discover a lot of secrets blogging that can not be discuss on this single post that is why I want you to subscribe, furthermore I decided to change my FOCUS.  First I change the url (name) of my blog and then look at what my audience wanted,after I launched the new blog I started receiving a nice traffic and I got paid on my first affiliate I promoted online,  wow  that is a good start. 
The Reason why your blog is not yet making you the money you want is that you rely all your expenses and have the wrong prospect about it. 
What You Must know :Do not quite your Full time Job, if you are not yet getting the Full time income from your Blog. 
Some other reasons why your Blog is not yet successful is that you invested wrongly on it that is you invested too much before it started making little money. To know if you are a Successful Blogger measure your investment with the present harvestment you have.
Investment here means ;

  • Your Time 
  • Your Money 
There are many Blog that will use this tittle to drive traffic to their blog ' How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money'. The Tittle or word is partially wrong because is not easy for free blog to make money these days, you need to spend money to make money. Most at times many blog tutorial bloggers tell you to enter your email for them to teach you how to make millions blogging but fail to tell you how much you would spend and how much time it will cost you to do so.

I believe by now you must have been able to identify why your Blog Business is not yet making you the money you want, before I end this lesson let me tell you how you should be seeing Blog as the way I do after that six month plus of blogging.

  1. A Blog is an Investment. 
  2. It is a way to Learn. 
  3. It helps you connect with other successful people. 
  4. It is not a get rich quick scheme. 
  5. It is a Passion not a boarding or Problem. 


I will give you this awesome tip of blogging, if you are in need of money quickly please do not start a blog. But if you have already started a blog, please have patient with your blog. Well if you need money as a blogger and you are tired of waiting for affiliate or your advertisers to pay you, you can Just Sell your Blog (it should be the last thing you should do as a Blogger). 

Before you Go! 

If you are a Successful Blogger and you just came across this post, please you are allow to add your own tip. If you are about to become a Blogger or already a Blogger but unsuccessful or finding problem blogging, please add your questions at the comment box either with your desire account or Facebook account. 
Also share this Post with your friends and God bless you as you do so, do not forget to Subscribe to this Blog. 

Thank you for reading 

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