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6 Simple Steps To Build A Profitable Blog In 2 Weeks

 Blog is the Best Platform to voice out your own opinion and also make money from it, Here in this Article you will be Learning the Steps to Build your Blog to become an Authority. I may not teach you how to create a blog here but you can check out that on this link How To Create A Blog. 

To Build A Productive and A Professional Blog, there are few simple steps to do so.
If you will be able to read till the end, I will teach you to make money blogging from day one.

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How To Build Your Blog And Become An Authority in your Niche 

Here we will be discussing 6 Simple Steps To Build Your Blog, if you have other Steps to add you can add that in the comment box.

1. Finding Your Niche.
2. Becoming An Authority.
3. Creating A Sales Funnel.
4. Networking.
5. Publicity.
6. Measure (Analysis).

Step 1: Finding Your Niche 

Niche are the key focus (purpose) of creating a blog, a blog without a niche is like ship without a direction. It is like a map and it helps you stay organized on your blog. Some examples of Niche are;
Entertainment, Technology, News, Education, Business and Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle and lot more etc.
 It is good before you think of creating a blog, you should have a niche. It helps you not to get overwhelmed of what to blog about.

Step 2: Becoming An Authority 

If you are not an Authority in your niche, you may not attract a good amount of traffic to your blog when you post. It is important you build your Authority ( Grow Your Audience) first before thinking of making money from your blog, The only way to become an Authority is to Post helpful, Original Content Always, Consistency also matters. Avoid copying your Competitors Post or behaving in-mature when commenting in others Posts.

It takes time to become an Authority but it worth it, Also for you to become an Authority avoid free stuff like; free domain names, free themes (templates) and others.

You have to know your area of Focus before becoming an Authority, in blogging they have two types of areas which is called "Model". Model are like genre, Two Types of Model are;

1.Expert Model ( Less Traffic To Make Money).
2. Magazine Model (High Traffic To Make Money).

Step 3: Creating A Sales Funnel 

Sales Funnels are ways you make money blogging, there are a lot of ways to make money blogging. Some examples are;

Ways To Make Money Blogging 

1. Advertising: You can place advert on your blog from different Ad Networks like; Google AdSense,, Propeller Ad and advertising other people's products on your blog etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing:  You can make research for Affiliate marketing programs on Search engines and Sign up for the once that you like and good paying ones.

3. Selling Of Digital Production: 
You can Create your own digital products relating to your blog and sell them to your readers/audience, digital products like Ebooks, Video Courses, Softwares and others.

4. Selling Offline Products: 
This is a Process of Marketing your business on your blog, it can sometimes restricted to a particular geo-graphical location. You can be able to know your clients physically, some examples of Offline products that can be marketed on your blog are Shoes, clothes, hand made products and services etc.

5. Organizing Seminars / Coaching Classes:

If you are an expert or professional in a particular field (area), you can organize seminars or a private coaching class for students/clients that want to learn. You can also make money charging them for the class or purchasing your products.

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Step 4: Networking 

Blogging helps to build good relationship with others, you are never the master that knows all. So you have to network with others also, if you see what you want in other blogs, try to connect and contact with them and ask them "How they did it".
Comment on other people's blog in your niche and comment Professionally, that may even drive traffic to your blog and increase your visibility. Try to also summit a guest post to other top authority blogs.

Step 5: Publicity 

This is the overall live hood of any blog, if your blog does not receive good amount of audience (traffic) monthly, it will be hard for you to make money from it.
Your blog should not have a monopoly reader/s (yourself, family members and loved friends) alone. Invest in advertising and social media marketing.
In order to increase the visibility of your blog, you have to be active online and where your targeted audience are. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Also create videos, organize seminars relating to your niche online/offline.
As I have said in step 4, Summit guest posts and comment on other blogs. People will do to you what you do to them or others, do not abuse others.

"Do not invest too much in your blog, if it is not Making the money or Time invested on it ". 

Step 6: Measure (Analysis) 

Now, it is time to measure your progress so far, if you have achieved anything so far or just wasting time.
I would like to chip in this, Do not take blogging full time if it is not Making You a full time income.

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