Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How To Make Money Fast With Your Social Media Accounts For FREE

It Amaze me when I see a lot of persons subscribe to their mobile device or computer, just for Fun (to be active online 24hours to like, Comment, post funny things and chat with friends) all in the name of Fun.

Do you know you can make money from them. How?

Yes, it is possible. How?

I am going to show you How, Just read this article till the end and share it friends.

Ways To Make Money On Social Media

There are many ways to make money on social media for FREE! 
You do not have to pay to make money, social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and others. 

The following are some simple ways you can make money with your social media accounts. 

1. Advertising. 
2. Selling. 
3. Coaching. 
4. Rendering a Service. 
5. Teaching. 

All other ways of making money online fails under the above mentioned Categories, I will Explain How? 

If for example you know how to make Soap or any other profitable business, you can organize a class on social media either in a Facebook group or WhatsApp group or other social media platforms. And Charge $100 per Person or more than that. 

So, if;

 1 person = $100 
10 persons = $10,000
100 persons = $100,000

You can decide to teach another topic the next day and repeat the same method, So you see how easy it is. 
Do not waste your time chatting for no reason and expect miracles to happen to your Bank Account,You can also repeat the same method for other ways I listed.

Advertising÷ if you have high followers on your social media accounts. You can go and meet with advertisers/sellers that want their products to be known and make a deal with them to advertise the products on your social media accounts and make money from it.

Selling÷ Sell stuff that you no longer need or new stocks you want to sell.

Rendering A service÷ Display Services you render on your social media platforms and add how you can be contacted for that service.

Coaching÷ Coach someone in the area you are an expert ( private Coach).

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If you have make money from social media in any means that is legit, feel free to share with me at the Comment box. Ask your questions also.

Thank you!

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