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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner : What is Affiliate Marketing?

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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner (The Complete Guide For Beginners)

Affiliate Marketing is a system whereby you the affiliate marketer receives commission for referring someone through a unique url link to the website own by the  advertiser, the affiliate marketer promote specific product or service or even multiple brands on his or her website or blog in other to receive some percentage of referring the customer. 

Affiliate marketing is also one of the ways to make money blogging, it is not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, so it requires a lot of smart work and consistency. 

Here in this post, I am going to show you How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner with or without a website of your own. 

Before I continue, there are two primary business model that prospective affiliate marketers choose from. 

Type of Affiliate Marketing:

1. Resource Sites. 
2. Review Sites. 

*The model you choose will depend on how you work to earn commissions. 

1. Resource Sites: This is a type of affiliate business model that requires the affiliate marketer to write useful content or Blog posts on How-To, Tips and Guides and embed his affiliates link within the post. 

2. Review Sites: This is another type of affiliate business model, that the affiliate marketer write a review or a testimony about the product or service including his affiliate link at the end or within the review article. 

If you are ready to turn your affiliate marketing into a business, it is very important to have a Website for it. 
That is, your own online platform where you will not be restricted on the amount or type of links to embed in a post or review.

Also, it has more advantage to have a Website of your own. There are lots of online companies where you can buy a webhosting plan and get a free one year domain name like  .com, .net and much more domain extension of your choice for free.

Example of a trusted and reliable web hosting company is Bluehost, Bluehost gives you the opportunity to get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited custom email address for your business like
Furthermore, Bluehost has been in existence for long and has been awarded for good customer's care.

You can use my referral link to buy your hosting plan and receive a massive discount, also you can be allowed to make money referring others, Receive a free one year custom domain name,  click here to get started.

Note: The link contain an affiliate link that is, I would be commissioned when you use that link to purchase a product from them, but that will not affect the original price for it.

You are almost there!

It is important for you to have focus and avoid confusing your audiences, I will advice you pick a niche.

Niche: This is a term use online to classified the categories you are promoting, category like Business, Education, entertainment and lot more..

Tips: You can pick the niche you are passionate about or still love to teach others.
Niche you are not passionate about will not make you money.

If you have decided on the niche to start with, then it is good you find an affiliate program that best suit your taste in aspect of commission.
Company like;

Commission Junction,
Amazon Associate,
Google AdSense,
Bluehost and lot more...

Some affiliate program also run on pay-per-click, pay-per-impressions and pay-per-views, for example Google AdSense.

It is Time To Make Money!

Once you are all set, it is important to drive traffic to your website.

A lot of persons join any affiliate program and do not make money from it, because they do not drive the right traffic to their site.

For you to make money in affiliate marketing, you have to send targeted traffic to your site, that is, the right audience who needs the product or service.

Also, write persuasive content that will make them purchase the product.

Furthermore, you have to know the terms and conditions, policies of the affiliate program you are promoting.

Lastly, do not promote a prohibited product or service to avoid lost of trust from your audience.

How do I get the Right audience?

How do I drive traffic to my website?

What other means can I use to promote my affiliate link?

All the questions will start going through your head once you have started your affiliate business, now you are going to learn how to drive the right amount of traffic to your website, where to get them and much more.

After joining  an affiliate program where may be wondering how to go about getting traffic, there are a lot of traffic stores where you can buy targeted traffic to your website e.g;

Facebook ads,
Google Adword, ads
And much more.

You can just run advert with them and watch them send traffic to your website that convert.

OK, I know you can't wait any more to start your affiliate marketing business and start making money. That is OK!.

Just create a beautiful blog or website or even any other platforms you want to promote the brand using Bluehost, click here to get started.

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