Thursday, 21 March 2019 (Buy & Sell Project): Chibueze Damian Announce The Launch Of Edustore In Nigeria

Thanks for Joining us Today on another Exclusive Interview on this blog, Today we are going to be discussing with Mr. Chibueze Damian who is the Founder of and also the Founder of Edustore ,He is  going to be discussing with us on the goals and objectives of Edustore. 

Welcome Sir, Please introduce yourself to us?

My name is Chibueze Damian, I am a Blogger/internet marketer who founded Edustore.NG

When was Created?

 Edustore.NG was created August 3rd 2017 and launched September 21 2017.

What  gave you the vision to Create

Actually a movie called men who built America gave me the vision.

What can a user benefit from it?

 Users like sellers can benefit from it by selling their educational ebooks made for Nigerian student. And also buyers will enjoy the automatic download after payment with their ATM card instead of the going to the bank to pay and passing through stress. They can be in their homes, office, and school to purchase anything.

How can a Student that does not have access to the Internet benefit from it?

Actually Nigerian students cant access
 it without the use of internet.

Are Regular users of Edustore not been addicted to the Internet which will distract them from their studies?

 Actually not sure about this.

Is it Only Nigerians that can Access it? 

 No, all countries can access it but its main goal is for Nigerian students.

What Level of Education are allowed to use Edustore like secondary levels, University levels etc?

 all level of education can use it.

Can a user sell material that are not owned by them or share it for free, that they felt it is important to Edustore?

 Actually it depends on the material but for project materials and exams past question and answers they can sell but course ebooks they can't.

What are your future plans for, what should we be expecting from it?

Don’t want to disclose that for now.

Lastly, what would you like to say to our readers before you go? 

Readers reading this please believe nothing is impossible.

Thank you Sir for your time, wish to have you here next time.

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