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Who we are? 

Myguide4business.COM is a Website blog that is more than just a blog that teaches step-by-step guides and tips in  Entrepreneurship and provides valuable information to young Entrepreneurs of all Businesses. 

What we accept? 

You can write your contents/posts covering the following categories;

1. Business Education. 

2. Entrepreneurship. 

3. Innovation. 

4. Capitalism 

For Example ;

➡ How To.........  
➡ 5 Tips and Guides To........ 
➡ Ways To.......... 
➡ Top (any number) Secrets in....... 
➡ And Lot more provided it is Business related topics. 
 No Tricks, No False Solutions. 

Content Criteria

For content to pass editorial review it must meet the following requirements:

Length: Ideally 1000 words+ (Flexible Criteria)

Purpose: The article must have a clear purpose; headline must clearly reflect what the article is about, the reader should know the purpose of the article under 5 seconds of reading.

Target Reader:  Who does the information in this article benefit and what is the key takeaway from the article.

Methodology: The author must establish a clear and benefiting content with original images for further explanation.  

Language: The language of the article must be British English. 

Fluff: A good article is like a car engine, every word must serve a purpose. If you are confused on how to identify fluff in your article; anything that does not make the article unreadable when removed is fluff.

Originality: Article must be free of plagiarized content and should have not have been published elsewhere. 

Please Send your details to us via this email ; 

Details include:

Full Name
Email address
Phone numbers (active numbers)
Website or Blog URL links
Social Media links/urls
Previous guests post Including the links to find it.
Your Title
Your guest post
(it should not be less than 1,000+ words) 

Once the article is approved, it would be published live on this blog and you will be notified. 

 Process of Reviewing your article 

👉 Read the content policy
👉 Summit your Content 
👉 The editor will reply you, for you to know if your work  was Accepted or Rejected (when we see your mail). 
👉 The article becomes the sole property of 
👉 Content would be published and go live on this blog website. 

* We will link your Post to your website or Blog. 

* If your Content has a good traffic and engagement, you will be contacted and become of our paid writers. 

* We may also review your site (blog) and if your blog is related or has useful content, we may link some of our post to it thereby increasing your blog visibilities on search engines . 

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